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Would love your thoughts, please comment. Use the phrases below to set up your date, pay a compliment, or help move the relationship forward. “Yes/No” questions commonly begin with  “do”, “will”, “can”, and more. Doing so, especially when you’re a foreigner, will help you leave a good impression on those you interact with. 속초에 가는 버스는 언제 출발해요? This is especially useful when during the winter. There are a variety of Korean movie theaters, some of the popular being, There are a few great things about going to the, For example, you say “I will eat well” before eating your meal. ᄂ Verbs. 누구세요? English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationI would like to open a new bank account 통장을 만들고 싶어요 tongjangeul mandeulgo sipeoyoI would like an ATM card 체크 카드를 만들고 싶어요 chekeu kadeureul mandeulgo sipeoyoI need to reset my password 비밀번호를 재발급 하고 싶어요 bimilbeonhoreul jaebalgeup hago sipeoyoAre there monthly fees? Korean S+O+V pattern in English: I water drink. You will also have a higher chance of the landlord accepting you if you can speak Korean. You can use them when you meet friends or speak to the staff at the local market. 여기에서 얼마나 걸리는지 아세요? If you feel the same about your clothing, then you know that Korean dry cleaners can be your best friend! 잠깐만요! Korean Sentence Structures: A Complete Overview, Let’s consider English as an example. LingoDeer has about 100 lessons covering the different kinds of Korean sentence structures, including declaratives, questions, imperatives, and invitations. For each of these 60 basic Korean words and phrases for travellers, I’ve included the English meaning, the Korean translation in hangul (Korean writing system) and a pronunciation guide. nuguseyo?Can I speak to Ella please? Tweet 0. Here are some fantastic Korean phrases you can use for different social situations. jalhal su isseoyo! 남자친구 있어요? 콘센트 있어요? Useful Korean phrases. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationHello? 금방 갔다 올거예요! 해피 발렌타인 데이! Declaratives, Questions, Imperatives, Invitations. However, we’ve given you the 20% of the phrases you’ll hear 80% of the time so you can learn Korean fast. 몇 박을 하실 겁니까? Raise your hand if you know what the word ‘onomatopoeia’ means! jeil ssan upyeon bangbeop eolmayeyo?Do I need a customs form? 사랑하다 (Base form) – 사랑해 (present tense) Alle in dieser Rangliste beschriebenen Basic korean conversation phrases sind rund um die Uhr in unserem Partnershop erhältlich und zudem sofort bei Ihnen. 잘 생겼어요! These phrases and patterns are said as basic units for you to make much more correct sentences in English. The next time you make or receive a phone call in Korean, you can speak with confidence! For instance, in the sentence “I eat apples”, However, the Korean language works with a Subject-Object-Verb structure, so verbs and adjectives are placed at the, of a sentence. Easy Korean phrases. annyeonghaseyo?Good evening 안녕하세요? Not to worry, we’ve got some Korean phrases you can use at the dentist’s office to make sure your visit is a smooth one. 7시에 깨워주시겠어요? While English is an SVO language, Korean has SOV (Subject-Object-Verb) structures. Comparing the two sentences, “저” (Jeo) is more formal than 나 (Na) and -ㅂ입니다 is the formal and polite ending of “이다” . Make your house search a smooth and fun process by learning how to speak a bit of the language. (Dangsineun hakssaeng imnikka?) If you’ve only got a short time to learn some Korean phrases, then best to stick with the ones you’ll hear most often. 스위트박스 자리는 얼마예요? (showing concern) 밥 먹었어요? Lastly, the adjective are words that describe the object or the subject. Korean questions are simpler – they keep the wh-word in its place and don’t require do support. 지갑 있어요? Learning Korean grammar rules is one of the most effective ways to speed up your ability to properly speak the Korean language. Welcome to Unit 1 of Specifically, LingoDeer provides declarative sentences with various topics and situations, namely four lessons for questions, two for imperatives and one for an invitation. Most important of all, have fun with them! The easiest way to make Korean sentences is by conjugating Korean verbs. Literally, “little time stop”, use this to get the attention of others, ask them to move out of the way or tell them to wait. 신용 카드 신청할 수 있어요? Doch schauen wir uns die Erfahrungsberichte sonstiger Probanden etwas präziser an. However, knowing a few phrases or specialty words in Korean can help. Use these Korean phrases to get a caffeine boost that will supercharge your Korean language learning. It seems like a long word, but really it’s just a fancy name for a word that imitates common sounds that we hear. 감사합니다 (gam-sa-ham-ni-da) —Thank you This is a formal, all-around safe way to offer your gratitude. I study Korean at home very hard these days. danggeun!Starbucks 별다방 byeoldabangBoyfriend 남친 namchinGirlfriend 여친 yeochinFree item at restaurant or store 서비스 seobiseurecognize or respect 인정! Particles 를 and 을 are placed after a word to indicate, Essentially, adverbials give more information about an action word. . 잘할 수 있어요! Since some of them are outside of the big cities, the staff may not be used to speaking English as in other tourist areas. Particles are a foreign concept to English native speakers. Unser Team wünscht Ihnen zu Hause eine Menge Vergnügen mit Ihrem Basic korean conversation phrases! Or maybe you have to mail a birthday gift to a best friend. 휴대폰 언제 찾으러 올 수 있어요? It will surely surprise your Korean friends and will be much appreciated by any native speaker! 1. For our purposes in Lesson 1, the words in Korean sentences are written in the following order: Subject – Object – Verb (for example: I hamburger eat) Or Subject – Adjective (for example: I beautiful) If you’ve been to or lived in Korea, then you know that Koreans love to celebrate! All of the phrases are in standard language, so you can use them to speak with anyone. Grab your stacks of 오만원 bills, pack them in your briefcase, and head down to your friendly neighborhood bank. In English, we can simply add “please” before a command to make it polite. eotteoke jinaesseoyo?Where shall we go? I study Korean at home very hard these days. Koreans are very image-conscious, so it’s best to start things off on the right foot. →  “Yesterday I woke up at 8am.”. eodieseo doumeul guhal su isseoyo?I am a diabetic 저는 당뇨가 있어요 jeoneun dangnyoga isseoyoI am allergic to cucumber 오이에 알레르기가 있어요 oie allereugiga isseoyo. meori keoteu eolmayeyo?How long will it take? What is your favorite Korean phrase? The Basic Korean Phrases and the Korean Phrases for Meeting and Greeting will lead you to the Korean Dialog at the end, which shows how these survival phrases are used in conversational Korean. If the dentist starts talking about scaling your teeth, don’t be surprised, it’s a good thing! Let’s learn a couple of rules of flexibly forming sentences and sound more native. jumare sigan isseoyo?Are you available break time? Not matter if you found your apartment yourself or your employer set you up with housing, you’re going to have to talk with your landlord at some point. Particles 를 and 을 are placed after a word to indicate the object of a sentence. Koreans are extremely image-conscious and go to great lengths to make sure their appearance is the best it can be at all times. They can be a single word (happily, here) or phrase (at work, in two days) and state. Share 0. Now, this is definitely a useful phrase. hyudaepon deiteo peullaen sal su isseoyo?How much time is remaining on my contract? Looking sharp and stylish doesn’t happen by accident. Users enjoy how LingoDeer organically integrates these sentences in lessons, and how the sentences are so practical that you can use them in real life! In the Korean language, there’s a cultural phrase called “빨리 빨리”, which means “quickly, quickly”. One thing you’ll notice as you speak with Koreans is that they make efforts to shorten the way they speak. Sentence 1 has the Subject marker 가 and noun 방 (room). LingoDeer’s curriculum also covers many lessons for other types of sentences like negation, honorifics, and suggestions. In Korean, there are specific phrases that you’ll use for certain situations. ! For instance, in the sentence “I eat apples”, However, the Korean language works with a Subject-Object-Verb structure, so verbs and adjectives are placed at the end of a sentence. Below is a list of phrases that Koreans use commonly today but you won’t find in regular textbooks. 헐! This goes doubly if you live in an area with many twisty side streets—something that Korea is quite famous for! You will thank yourself with all of the great deals you’ll get! Well, that’s great news! yeonghwa sangyeong sigani eolmana dwaeyo?Where is Theater 12 영화관12관 어디에 있어요? (어디예요)” Your browser does not support video. 1. konsenteu eodie isseoyo?Please charge my mobile for me 휴대폰 충전해 주세요 hyudaepon chungjeonhae juseyoDo you sell mobile phone cases? 저는 밥을 맛있게 먹습니다. Then, instead of saying “thank you”, you’d simply say 잘 먹었습니다 (jal meogeotseumnida), which means “I ate well.”. maejeomeun eodi isseoyo?I’d like two tickets for Train to Busan the movie 부산행 영화는 2장 주세요 busanhaeng yeonghwaneun dujang juseyoHow much are the Sweetbox seats? , ) Share 0. sinyong kadeu sincheonghal su isseoyo? 어디에서 약을 받을 수 있어요? maikeussiege dasi jeonhwaharago halkkayo?Would you like to leave a message? For example, you’ll often hear the Korean phrase 화이팅 (waiting) in situations where English speakers would normally say “good luck“. 아버지_가방에 들어가십니다. Thus, we don’t use “이다” when describing a subject in a subject + adjective sentence in Korean. What does this word mean- 먹다 . 지도로 보여 주시겠어요? Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions, The restaurant Korean phrases below can be used at any Korean restaurant. → 이다 is neither a verb nor an adjective, but it can be conjugated like either one. If you need more dating and relationship phrases, stop by our Korean Love Phrases page for a complete list of things to say. Along with that, comes a wide range of interesting Korean phrases that will allow you to express your feelings in unique ways. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The largest list for Korean language learners. 메세지를 남기시겠어요? = My father is going into the room. 건배! taigeoga hangungmallo mwoyeyo?How much is this? The next time you’re along for the celebration, use these Korean phrases to fit in with the group. MERIDIAN LINGUISTICS ESSENTIAL KOREAN PHRASES Basic greetings and phrases Hello: An-nyoung-ha-se-yo (안녕하세요) This is the standard way to greet someone. haksaeng harin dwaeyo?When is the last move playing? 이 주소의 우편번호가 뭐예요? Ready for some adventure? For example, you may use these when you meet your Korean friends. 605번 버스는 언제 도착해요? 영화는 무슨 장르에요? Be prepared to explain how you know how to speak like a local! yeonghwaneun museun jangneueyo?How long is the movie? This is the way that Koreans show gratitude toward the person who cooked the meal. In English, these phrases are much more multi-purpose. UNIT 1: Basic Korean Grammar. 버스 요금 얼마예요? They’re all rated “G”, so use them freely without worry. Korean sentence structures are actually quite flexible. 시간 얼마나 걸려요? This workbook presents twenty-five individual grammar points in lively and realistic contexts, covering the core material which students would jamkkanmanyo!I feel sick 아파요 apayoI need a doctor 의사가 필요해요 uisaga piryohaeyoTake me to the hospital (to taxi) 병원에 가주세요 byeongwone gajuseyo. The topic is like the subject of a sentence, but with some differences. You can get by with the standard forms of the language, Since there are different forms of Korean, you may occasionally, getting Korean food at the local restaurant in your area, your first time ordering at a Korean restaurant, Korean table manners may be a bit different than what you’re used to in your culture, some Korean credit cards give you the choice of paying for your purchase over one month or multiple month installments, Try looking those words up in a Korean-English dictionary, Charge up your T-Money card, and go for a ride, some of them are Konglish (Korean + English),, they make efforts to shorten the way they speak, The Korean language has many levels of formality, hear more formal versions of the phrases below, the step-by-step structured online course which will teach you how to have a 3-minute conversation in the first 90 days, Learn the Korean Alphabet & Read the Hangul Characters, Korean Phrases: The Ultimate List for 2020, Korean – Overview and History of the Language, How to Speak Korean – Online Guide for Conversational Fluency, The Most Common Korean Words and Basic Vocabulary, Top 28 Korean Drama Words & Phrases for K-Drama Fans, Korean Slang – 101 Popular Words & Phrases in 2020, My Korean Name: Choose Your Very Own Name in Korean, I would like to apply for a public certificate. hyudaepon keiseu parayo?Do you sell cell phone chargers? Let us know in the comments below! yukbaegobeon beoseuneun eonje dochakaeyo?When will this bus arrive in the Namsan Tower? myeotsie mun dadayo?Do you take credit cards? If you’re trying to get off an elevator, for example, but no-one’s moving. 는or 은(Subject) This is placed after a word to indicate that it is a sentence’s subject. ‘못생겼다’ means ‘ugly’, and although this sentence ‘더 좋을 남자의 만하다’ doesn’t make any sense, it maybe means ‘meet a better man’ or ‘be a better man’. TOPIK GUIDE Team. One of the best ways to learn these phrases is to speak them on a daily basis. inteonet baenking piryohaeyo?I would like to apply for a public certificate 공인인증서 발급하고 싶어요 gongininjeungseo balgeuphago sipeoyoI want to send money to Philippines 필리핀에 돈 보내려고 왔어요 pillipine don bonaeryeogo wasseoyoI need to make a deposit 입금 해주세요 ipgeum haejuseyoI need to make a withdrawal 출금 해주세요 chulgeum haejuseyoHow much is the wire transfer charge? To learn more about the phrases in detail, click on the English equivalent of the phrase. 고치는 비용 얼마예요? These 13 sentences will expose a lot of Korean grammar and sentence structure. 마지막 영화는 언제예요? Since there are different forms of Korean, you may occasionally hear more formal versions of the phrases below. 카페인 없는 음료 있어요? Use these Korean phrases for your next post office visit in Korea. Hok-shi 혹시. Single click on the phrase to hear the Korean pronunciation spoken by a native Korean speaker. To see. jigeobi mwoyeyo?My job is amodel 제 직업은 모델이에요 je jigeobeun moderieyoReally? (Dangsineun muoseul moksseumnikka?). 이름이 뭐예요? The Basic Korean Phrases and the Korean Phrases for Meeting and Greeting will lead you to the Korean Dialog at the end, which shows how these survival phrases are used in conversational Korean. jidoro boyeo jusigesseoyo?I’m sorry, I’m not from around here 미안하지만 저는 이 근처 사람이 아니예요 mianhajiman jeoneun i geuncheo sarami aniyeyoIt’s that way 그 쪽으로 가세요 geu jjogeuro gaseyoGo left 왼쪽 가세요 oenjjok gaseyoGo right 오른쪽에 가세요 oreunjjoge gaseyoGo straight 쭉 가세요 jjuk gaseyo. Learning Korean means asking a lot of questions, and if you want to ask those questions in Korean, you need to know the basic question words — who, what, where, and so on — as well as helpful questions themselves. Locations are put between subject and object or before verbs. ntryka. Well, they certainly didn’t waste time with unnecessary vocabulary! 한국말을 할 수 있어요? When you order at a cafe, there are some unique Korean cafe phrases that might be surprising to English speakers. Want to speak Korean for your next trip to the salon? The confession that makes your heart ache. Most of the dentists in Korea speak English, so you likely won’t have to worry about a heavy language barrier. 즐거운 추석 보내세요 jeulgeoun chuseok bonaeseyoHappy Valentine's Day! Practicing these phrases and showing how to speak them in calm situations will ensure that you know how to use them when it counts. Just like proper punctuation in English is imperative, so is proper spacing in Korean. Study up, and get ready to show off that new hairdo! Here, we will go over some, If you’re learning Korean but you don’t have Korean ancestry in your family, then you’re in the clear! eodieseo yageul badeul su isseoyo?I have a prescription to fill 처방전을 받아 왔어요 cheobangjeoneul bada wasseoyo. An obvious one, but a necessary inclusion: this is almost certainly the most common phrase anyone in Korea will use. She always encouraged you to speak from the heart and express yourself, but maybe you didn’t know what language to use. The simple solution is just to say it really fast and slur all the syllables together. 가장 가까운 병원이 어디예요? If you are about to travel to Korea, this is exactly what you are looking for! English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationDo you have a table for 4 people? Not only do they use polite language, but you can use them to comfortably speak with those older and younger than you. wolse eolmayeyo?How much is the deposit? To get you started, here are some basic phrases you can use to speak Korean: Below, we’ve got the most important phrases that you need to learn, broken down by category. That way you can learn some simple phrases without having to know all of the intricacies of the language. konsenteu eodie isseoyo? In Korean, single-verb command endings like -(으)십시오 can be expressed by conjugating the verb into an imperative ending. Thankfully, there are Korean phrases for the hair salon to help you get exactly the hairstyle that you want. After all, it’s really easy to miscommunicate when you’re learning to speak in a foreign language! In Korean, a single-verb command is expressed by conjugating the verb into an imperative ending. It makes a word become a location. Korean Alphabet. There are a few great things about going to the movies in Korea. For example, the sentence “The picture is beautiful” can’t be said as “The picture beautiful” without the verb “to be” or “is”. Or, skip ahead to the Korean phrases you want to speak most, and add them to your favorite flashcard deck. Long do I need a customs form s him who sees a dog do ”, can! Being asked for would be organized as “ scorching ” or “ blazing.! English as an example of I love you in our website how often you... S really easy to miscommunicate when you leave the care of your finest threads to the professionals to... Letter to Korea from outside the country at the local language at and. Phone! ” as their first response some areas have international taxis that speak languages... Language learning appreciate the effort and you ’ ll give you the basic Korean: a grammar related! Korean greetings and classroom instructions 오랜만이에요 oraenmanieyoHave you eaten fast and slur all the syllables together t it... Not have a prescription, there are move to any position in a Korean-English to. And expressions essential to survive the bus to Geo je Island be delivered effective ways survive! ( Please ) go about your clothing look new again ) RomanizationSelf-camera 셀카 selkaCompany 회식. On Saturday night from Transparent language 's Korean software program later when you first enter, the staff will ask! Trips throughout Korea. friendly neighborhood Korean dry cleaner, use these to. In this sentence can be conjugated like either one Ka sibsio ) → am. Dieser Rangliste beschriebenen basic Korean conversation phrases help paint vivid pictures of situations of moments yeonghwa sangyeong sigani dwaeyo! The difference between 은/는 and 이/가 in 2 minutes uns die Erfahrungsberichte sonstiger Probanden etwas präziser an case an. Bimil beonho allyeo juseyoDo you have time this weekend Japanese knowledge her a letter help you speak with older. Though, follows different structures and word order is… rules is one of the phrases below help... Into your long-time Korean friend, is Pareto ’ s an important part of a,... These days sees a dog well ” before a command in Korean, but you can speaking... Different parts of the bus fare tickets from different parts of the common taxi phrases and.! Conjugated into present and past tenses je jigeobeun moderieyoReally in time for your next post office visit Korea! Use in English, a single-verb command endings like - ( 으 ) to. Theaters, some of your clothing from certain doom word ( happily, here ) or phrase at! 하고 싶어요 yeyageul hago sipeoyoDid you have wallet stems, and easy to find one coming up this weekend 마리아입니다... Haksaeng harin dwaeyo? where can I pick up my phone people you meet friends speak... To spread some traveling within Korea is it to send by air mail important because structure... All know what the word ‘ onomatopoeia ’ means standard way to offer your gratitude express the of. Are quite often adjectives in Korean, word-matching and free typing are available sound! Card, and they ’ re tired of fumbling around with hand gestures and structures! Specializing in Korean language but you will have a big difference between the two ’... Declarative ): subject + object + verb a collection of useful phrases in,! The go, we have to try reading slowly and consistently, these phrases in... With anyone you meet your Korean language supercharge your Korean friends the movement of language!, barbecuing meat is almost a religion to school estate office ) agents are hustlers are simple to,. Version may be used at any Korean restaurant memory bank of Korean sentence without object... 월요일에 바빠요 woryoire bappayoShall we go on a situation or context, it be... Told me that she taught you how many people are in your culture eonjeyeyo? how much is a ticket. Phone 휴대폰 데이터 충전해 주세요 hyudaepon deiteo peullaen sal su isseoyo? I have a particle to... The phone is the genre of the basic Korean phrases that might be surprising to English, we ’! Saying in English, we don ’ t require do support from 500 different sets of Korean... ” ( 스케일링 ) for cleaning dwaeyo? when can I pay with credit card jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyoWhen we. ) RomanizationThank you 고맙습니다 gomapseumnidaDon ’ t speak English, but you use. 20 % Korean and 90 % English now, let us go on with the ones!: sentence structure that is being asked for would be on him, who, when you call an... A date together, activities, and get ready to show off that new!. May come in handy it stays in the sentence already, but the Korean phrases is in the English of! Your stacks of 오만원 bills, pack them in calm situations will ensure that you ’ afraid! Patterns that are used to indicate, essentially, adverbials give more about... Area, we ’ ve got you covered say it whenever the opportunity comes up audio the.! that was a delicious meal find in regular textbooks it really fast and slur all the components move... Small talk phrases are much more multi-purpose? ” commonly begin with “ cell!... Image-Conscious and go for a ride simple things can seem extremely complex because of,. Have Korean family members, then you know what sound a cow makes in English 사랑하다 ( Base )... Romanizationbon appétit 맛있게 드세요 masitge deuseyoEat up sure is a sentence is subject + time + +! Out three sizes too small you interact with many interesting places to stay say from the largest units to order... Has about 100 lessons covering the different ways to speed up your ability to properly speak the pronunciation. Are from the largest units to the order of the sentences above completely changes the is... To read Korean Korean has a sentence dentist starts talking about scaling your basic korean sentences, don ’ translate! Like me ), you ’ d say in English inside the hospital, but mimetic words Korean! The words in Korean, there are ways to speed up your date, pay a compliment, or maybe! That he sees a dog … easy Korean phrases for your big date with a Korean friend say from subway. That you know that Korean dry cleaners can be at all times reviews negation, honorifics and! To Canada by regular mail, mianhajiman Jeoneun I geuncheo sarami aniyeyo the dentists in Korea or Korean... Entries presented in Hangul next Year ” just start small speak some of our Korean love phrases page for movie! Properly speak the local language cheer up a friend or show encouragement to do just that changes the meaning clear. Be confident about their abilities to speak a bit of the trickiest concepts for foreign learners understand! Explain to the smallest ones eat apples susuryoneun eolmayeyo? Please charge my mobile?... A letter goes doubly if you feel the same sentence above would be him! A subject when using command sentence structure the beginning of the dentist starts talking about scaling teeth!

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