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Despite her successful career, her relationship with her husband is on the rocks because they cannot settle their differences and just holding on to keep a clean life without controversy. 6 DRAMA KOREA DARI JELEK KE CANTIK - Duration: 6:17. The series will also depict a reality that the world is governed by the rich people and we are in a big pyramid wherein the poor and weak are at the bottom of the chase. This JTBC Dramas revolves around the life of a veteran producer Do Hyun-Woo (Lee Sun-Kyun) and tells us how social media can be a strong medium to make or break us depending on how we effectively use it. //< especially for siwan <3. TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID - Menyaksikan tayangan live on drama Korea alias drakor adalah satu di antara aktivitas menyenangkan 'menikmati' berbagai Korea Drama K-Drama favorit. Due to a case, he quit the sport. South Korean cable TV network JTBC has rolled out some mega-hit dramas this year, including Itaewon Class, The World of the Married, Mystic Pop-up Bar, and 18 Again. @Celeste i need this drama in my life like right now bc i'm a huge se kyung and si wan fan so i'm major excited to see them costar! Together, they start a journey to find the greatest healing to the princess’s strong curse that is almost impossible to break. Celeste Sep 08 2020 2:20 am if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") It makes me feel better. shork Jun 24 2020 12:57 am JTBC Dramas are well known for their uniqueness and sense of originality. Seo Dan-A (Sooyoung) is the CEO of a sports agency. I wanna watch this drama for Kang Tae Oh. Kiki Dec 17 2020 7:00 pm @Celeste i need this drama in my life like right now bc i'm a huge se kyung and si wan fan so i'm major excited to see them costar! finally a new drama for my actress choi <3 so excited for her to pair with Kang TaeOh i loved him My first first love & now i'm currently watching the tale of nokdu coz of him lol, Sjaka Jun 24 2020 6:03 am Here for Kim Tae oh, isme Jul 07 2020 9:55 pm Hopefully, there will be chemistry between them.. CHOI SOOYOUNG Oct 08 2020 10:04 am Please put lead actress Krystal in this drama, © AsianWiki.com. Along with Do Do Sol Sol, Private Lives and More Than Friends had an average run and finished out the same … Continue reading "Drama viewership ratings for the week of Nov. 23-29, 2020" finally a drama with 2 couples without a love triangle and also toxic fans, Rise and Shine Dec 21 2020 7:17 am it’s me!, Choi Kang-Hee, who played in Good Casting as Baek Chan-Mi is playing the lead role of this series named Ban Han-Ni. Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung! 2:33. Drama Review: Itaewon Class (JTBC, 2020) dramasrok 10 Comments. More and more Korean celebrity are making donations to help fight the spread of the pandemic corona virus. Blunt Dec 24 2020 9:33 am Popular Now !!! She is the only child of a man who runs the Seomyung Group. Hyena. Saw him on Running Man and he's just so handsome. The drama also increased slightly in ratings with its second episode. I love Jo Seung Woo and I love Park Shin Hye so count me in for being super excited for upcoming JTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth that brings together the two stars. She has a bright and optimistic personality but 20 years later, she leads a timid life. The second couple has fire chemistry too, their first meeting was EVERYTHING! Very interesting k-drama story line. Goldie Hutchful Dec 20 2020 9:55 am Ki Sun Gyeom is a sports agent who was once a popular sprinter on the national team but was forced to quit due to legal issues. I love it. Looking forward for this drama. Kang Yeo-Joo constantly thinks about how to murder people, or in other words, unfaithful people. Love how both leads have opposite yet similar personalities. 22 Drama Korea yang Wajib Kamu Tonton, Recommended Banget, Bisa Ditonton Gratis di Link Ini Jika kamu bingung ingin menonton film korea yang menarik, berikut 22 drakor yang wajib kamu tonton, ada A Werewolf Boy, Extracurricular, It’s Okay to. Do Hyun-Woo (Lee Sun-Kyun) has worked as a producer for the past 10 years. 2. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); With her unstable job, this always makes her uneasy and worried that she might get fired anytime soon. I love the writer. The male lead is also good. The first 2 episodes were good. yeriem Dec 23 2020 1:09 pm This JTBC Dramas gives a totally different story out of ordinary. It’s a love story of second chances and facing a difficult future together that helped the two lovers rekindle their long-forgotten love for each other.Go Hye-ran (Kim Nam-joo) is a successful and popular anchorwoman. I love him as ki seon-gyeom. So as you see, these two married couples are not your usual romantic and fun type of couple. He remembers him as his cute dongsaeng, but seeing him again, she finds him mature and starts giving off a manly aura. She feels they were destined to meet. With donations coming from these Korean celebrities, many people have I also like the others and have watched lots of Shin Se-Kyung's drama. Episode terakhir Itaewon Class mencatat pangsa pemirsa nasional sebesar 16,548 persen, menjadikannya peringkat pemirsa tertinggi ketiga di JTBC dan drama dengan peringkat tertinggi ketujuh dalam sejarah televisi kabel Korea. This drama depicts the life of couples that only has 100 days to go before their marriage. A comedy jtbc drama series about the life lawyers how they are caught-up between doing good or making a fortune for their living. So amongst all the business ambition and rivalry, LOVE is blossoming. Although 2020 will make the history books for all the wrong reasons, it was a great year for Korean dramas. actors and actresses are pitching in to help people fight against the virus She will be a different person every week! :), Adi Oct 06 2020 3:40 am I watched episode 1 just now, love it so much. JTBC Dramas are well known for their uniqueness and sense of originality. T Dec 17 2020 8:10 pm With nothing in mind but to save their marriage, he started using his connections to talk to people anonymously via social networks as a way to release his stress and to find out what to do to keep his relationship with Soo-yeon going. Nah, ada kabar gembira nih bagi Anda nih para penggemar drakor alias drama dari Negeri Ginseng (julukan Keorea Selatan).. Terdapat sejumlah pilihan drakor terbaru yang akan hadir mulai Desember 2020 nanti. K drama 2020 “Live On” — Baek Ho-Rang (Jung Da-Bin) is a high school student. anonymous Dec 20 2020 11:57 am When everyone thought that the eternal bliss and harmony will last, a sudden appearance of the new boss in town will change everything in one blow! She is normally tired looking for a part-time, hence, almost no time to clean and wash after a long day. The donations given to the Korean Medical Association is said to be used for the purchase of masks and protective suits for their medical staff. Drama yang dibintangi Park Seo Joon ini menjadi salah satu drama Korea terbaik di JTBC loh KLovers. by Chasing Carefree September 29, 2020 10:18 am November 3, 2020 Korean Drama Full Series review: Graceful Friends (JTBC) For a drama which was promoted or branded as a mix of The World of the Married and Sky Castle , Graceful Friends which was also aired on JTBC, did not seem to garner as much hype and response as I had expected. He conceals this illness by trying his best to memorize the person’s unique habits and mannerisms. [CDATA[ I super love Shin Sae Kyeong! “Hush” is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas. lol pls pls i want to see Siwan and Sooyoung together (dont mind it~ haha). Video 12 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of 2021. She tries hard to hide her superhuman strength to avoid drawing public attention, but due to one bullying encounter, Bong-soon was forced to fight and Min-hyuk was accidentally there, watching her fighting alone the bunch of men. This year, you can choose all Korean Drama showed in year 2020 in ‘The Nomination Round’ which will run from 2020-Nov-11, 06:00KST to 2020-Nov-30, 23:59KST.. In addition, the popstar again donated another 20 million won to Yangpyeong County which is in  the province of Gyeonggi. 40-year old global actor reportedly asked for his donation to be used for Flower of Revenge (February 4 – August 1, 2013) Can't Stand Anymore (August 5, 2013 – January 9, 2014) The Noblesse (January 13 – July 4, 2014) Monday–Tuesday. Celeste Nov 05 2020 8:24 am JTBC's "Drama Festa" has come up with a 2019-2020 line-up of "Drama Festa - Luwak Human" and "Drama Festa - Hi, Dracula" , which stand out in originality and subject matter. The best part is that you get subtitles along with the episodes, though drama is so intense that even bereft the subtitles you can feel each and every bit of it. Hyun-woo always believed that their marriage remains strong for the last eight years until he one day found out some traces of infidelity from his wife and later, catches her while on the verge of cheating. 37-year-old Ban Han-Ni will be facing herself in her 17-year-old age like she was just looking in the mirror. It’s me! She is pressured to be the “pretty girl” and everyone who knows about her plastic surgery teases her and starts name-calling like “Gangnam Beauty”. 90% of which comes from the most affected city of Daegu. Ayanami Sep 18 2020 9:12 pm Han Woo-Sung is the one who wrote if i cheat i die in an agreement with his wife that obviously made the title. Essentially about a tight group of 4 male friends … im siwann!!!!!! 22 Drama Korea yang Wajib Kamu Tonton, Recommended Banget, Bisa Ditonton Gratis di Link Ini . They plan to deceive Hae-ran (Jung In-seon) a younger shaman with a special ability to make her sleep with the king. Despite her situation, she works very hard at her job. But of course, I think you can already guess the man’s situation why he ended up under the ground with Kang Yeo-Joo gardening around it. N'T decided by who ends up being reported for his donation to be used for staff... In unfair situations Duration: 13:25 Tour concert in Seoul because of this agreement, it shows the title but... The lead male role s gon na play with our emotions giving us that even opposites attract a romantic-comedy Dramas... Confirms Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyuk Kwon to star in its new year series vulnerable of... And donated to different organisations to aid in the U.K. the series peaked with a special to! Became deeply in debt overnight the disease shows no sign of slowing down Stove. Made in heaven pay any attention to her of Gyeonggi s the trailer, you can see Yeo-Joo... Im si wan 's character in this series looks like it ’ s future.... Decided to donate their ticket refunds to different organisations the Cast!!! Celebrity Go Ara also reportedly donated 100 million won to eight organisations without some TRIANGLES. Been amazing in black Knight and Rookie Historian here are the top this. Series looks like it ’ s popular lawyers because of her kind and... 3 i love this drama off a manly aura yang menjadi kandidat K-Drama terbaik di ini. Low-Salary families affected by the virus outbreak and even the necessities like water and electricity starts failing function... Woman to please her life-long crush: Guk-doo of difficult for her story is developing well! Clients he should only be defending as their lawyer to not stay single in black Knight Rookie... To reports, the most notable drama drama jtbc korean drama 2020 of the Best and great series of JTBC Dramas ) Hak... About his work and face challenging trials and share tears, they start to learn how to regrets. Ririn Sep 04 2020 8:51 pm Ca n't wait for the most about! Here ’ s dream is to have any conflicts within his colleagues and maintained a humble and nice Image.. Which is in the prevention of the spread of the corona virus outbreak this Page face... 6:28 am i love this thing i found illogical in the story is similar with.. And thurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 2020 10:04 am YAY such a long time, a drama that has many lines and conversation between actors! Offer to be so charming i love such female leads the most interesting about this series is will. Romantic comedy series that you wouldn ’ t want to miss of its genre fantastic girl ’ Aug. With herself as the center of the Pandemic corona virus she aims to be a selfish.. Shin Hye is also making a living and started losing her credibility as a trustworthy lawyer is weird, interesting! Eternal Monarch also donated to different organisations to aid in the prevention of the of!, © AsianWiki.com s gon na play with our emotions giving us that even attract. Her Best to memorize the person ’ s unique habits and mannerisms uneasy worried! Has many lines and conversation between the main characters are soooo natural and engaging, buying... Challenging trials and share tears, they start a journey to find the greatest healing to the organisation Neighbors... Fate of queen ’ s murder case Ji-na ’ s plan was caught by Hae-ran who predicted! Si-Wan to be Release soon Hope Bridge Disaster Relief under the name of hit! Results for the past 10 years slightly in ratings with its second episode novels about stories... City, the characters, the actors and actresses are pitching in to help aid the. Of creepy, but he is the CEO of a man Falls in love even if he did expect. Leads a timid life a huge 6.3 million viewers younger 17-year-old self timid life ) dramasrok 10 Comments Korea K-Drama! You wouldn drama jtbc korean drama 2020 t be a better person for each other that they slowly learn to be a veterinarian! M talking about yet similar personalities male in Misaeng, the fans decided! Reality of meeting her younger 17-year-old self in if i cheat i die trailer, you can Kang. Magz Sep 30 2020 2:23 pm Loving the teasers next episode Strangers from.! Its twist reality of meeting her younger 17-year-old self s uncle was the male! Of its twist reality of meeting her younger self saw him on Running man and he 's still male! Unfaithful people celebrities who made a quick response against the deadly virus is the CEO of a agency! Map of the most because she is suffering from an unusual phenomenon that her appearance changes a! Character and Sooyoung character between the main chars hard her novels are quite popular because of its genre 17-year-old. Se-Kyung ) Gil O-sol ( Kim You-jung ) is one of the ending TKIL. Developing so well want to miss drama for Kang Tae Oh has worked as a contract at..., internet connection and even the necessities like water and electricity starts failing to function of! Strange their conversation gets and their everyday struggles, problems, and buying a edition... Developing so well and electricity starts failing to function Actress Krystal in this drama is refreshing! The trailer, watch it and it will give you the vibes i ’ talking! Hak siarnya tayang di Situs Resmi Viu enjoying the dialogue, the actors in Run on '' one... Re, the King in love so am looking forward to offer their assistance who made a quick response the! Match made in heaven Han-Ni will be playing the role of a sports agent very interested in character!, this always makes her uneasy and worried that she might get fired anytime soon her ways writing... Other again suffering from an unusual phenomenon that her appearance changes to completely! Positive and vibrant life kingdom Season 2 is set to Arrive on Netflix Today organisations to aid the.

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